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Firm ARKAN was set up in 1997, in Gdansk, from a linkage of the few branches of a computer corporation.

The branch in Olsztyn was formed two years later. Main mission of ARKAN OLSZTYN is providing the professional service in the sale and installation of the computer hardware and software.

Our firm is a dealer for Hewlett Packard and authorised selling agent for the world biggest companies such as Samsung, Philips, Intel, RICOH, CISCO, Micronet, RW DATA (with a 15 years warranty option) and Microsoft. We offer a whole range of licensed software produced by the biggest firms: Microsoft, Novell, Corel, Symantec, Adobe and Autodesk.

We posses great knowledge and experience (with over 7 year background in IT), capital and technology needed in dealing with the complex tasks of the integrated computerisation.

We are in close contact with the chain of the regional firms located in i.e. Lidzbark Warminski, Mragowo, Dzialdowo. We cooperate with IT programmers for firms small and large, as well as network administrators.

We make sure that our services and products are of the best quality and affordable prices.

We are efficient and fast, operative service of purchase order and delivery time.

I hope that I have managed to familiarize You with the profile and the assets of the firm ARKAN OLSZTYN. We offer You our services.


ARKAN OLSZTYN offers the professional, technical service of the computer equipment.

Our employees posses more then seven years of experience in information technology.

We deal with post warranty repair and conservation of PC's, monitors, inkjet and laser printers made by Hewlett Packard, OKI, Lexmark, Xerox.

Our serviced clients include subjects ranging from: individual clients, small, regional firms, schools, universities, banks, to government agencies, large national and international concerns.

Contact us for more details.


Computer accessories (tapes, ink cartridges, toners, floppy discs, CD-R, CD-RW etc.)

* Notebooks * Desktop computers * Network elements * Printers * Monitors * Processors

* Hard disk * Memory RAM, HDD * Cables * Software * Technical service More details can be found under the tab PRICES/SERVICES [polish only]


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